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    Effective immediately, Spencer Massey has been released from Don Schumacher Racing as driver of the Red Fuel Powered by Schumacher/Sandvik Coromant Top Fuel dragster in the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series.

    "Spencer is no longer with DSR," team owner Don Schumacher said Friday evening.

    "He violated a DSR policy and would not correct the violation. I feel badly for members of the team because they will not be able to compete for a world championship or next weekend's Traxxas Shootout title."

    There will be no further comment from DSR regarding this decision or the future of the team.




    The act of cutting and pasting articles from this publication to a message board is a clear copyright violation as is pulling photos to post on social media sites. All articles and photography published in CompetitionPlus.com are protected by United States of America and International copyright laws unless mentioned otherwise. The content on this website is intended for the private use of the reader and may not be published or reposted in any form without the prior written consent of CompetitionPlus.com.


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    While much of the attention at the annual World Series of Drag Racing in Cordova, Ill., is focused on nitro-burners, there will be a group of gasoline-burning, naturally aspirated doorslammers on hand to put on a show for the Pro Stock fans.

    However, these are not the modern day factory hot rods. These cars aren't Avengers, they're Colts, Arrows and Dusters. The new Camaros are instead f-body classics. There's even an Olds Firenza and an AMC Hornet in the show.

    For the first time in the modern era, the 62nd edition of this historic two-day event will feature a field of eight drivers with machines that pay homage to the Pro Stock’s golden era.

     The Nostalgia Pro Stocks will run one session on Friday August 28th, and finish up on Saturday, August 29th with two more.

    The line-up of competitors includes former nitro tuner Rick Cassel in his Bob Glidden-tribute Arrow, Kelly Dill in the Bunny Burkett-tribute “Cotton Pony”  Pinto, Art Ludwig's “California Flash” Duster, Roland Lursky in the "Rod Shop” Dodge Colt, Mark Ipsen's Wally Booth-tribute AMC Concord, Dan Manesis in the "Desantis & Crider" Colt, Kevin Prior's "Goodwrench” Olds Firenza and Jeff Rudisill's "Orndorff & Eckman" Camaro.

    Making a special appearance will be Pro Stock and Funny Car icon Carol “Bunny” Burkett, and the Pro Stock duo of Bill Orndorff and Jerry Eckman.


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    0730-03697The tradition continues during next week's NHRA U.S. Nationals.

    Clevite has stepped up as the sponsor of the fourth annual "Guess the Steps" competition, a contest where CompetitionPlus.com Publisher/Editor Bobby Bennett keeps track of his steps throughout the event.  The reader who guesses closest to the six-day (Wed - Fri) final tally without going over is declared the winner. The winning prize is $100 plus a t-shirt of an NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series driver.

    The popularity of this event inspired Clevite to step up as this year's sponsor.

    "We're excited about the contest," Will McKnight of Clevite. "Knowing how much I walk at the track, my advice is to guess high on Bobby's steps. It takes lots of effort to gather the news at Competition Plus."

    Michael New was last year's winner as he guessed 77,109 steps, just 1190 off of Bennett's final 78,299 total.

    Bennett, who regularly walks the pits instead of using a golf-cart or scooter, will keep track of his steps each day at Indy via his FitBit device. He’ll begin tracking the steps from the moment he exits his car to the moment he returns to there each day.

    Here's a little help in making your guess – Bennett typically takes two trips from the media center all the way down to the sportsman pit area – nearly two-mile walk round-trip each time. Now that he's using a FitBit, it's shaken up the figures. Right now about 10,500 steps equals about five miles.

    The deadline to enter the contest on the CompetitionPlus.com FACEBOOK page is next Wednesday, September 2, 2015, at 9 AM, EST, with just one guess allowed per person.

    The closest guess, without going over, will win the prize.

    If two people guess the same distance, the first to enter their guess will be declared the winner. Deadline is Wednesday, August 28, 2012, 8 AM EST.

    Clevite Guess the Steps competition begins at 5 PM, EST, on CompetitionPlus.com's Facebook -- COMPETITIONPLUS.COM FACEBOOK PAGE


    Warren Rodrigues 0
    Nathanael Stilwell 68735
    Chris Hines 72077
    Michael Hyatt 74,893 steps
    Lenore Brady 75,632
    Mark Williams  76,000
    Trés Reeves 77,779
    Max Reis 77,909
    George Abbitt III 78,387
    Jared Bunker 78619
    Larry Clayton 78,934 steps
    Carmen O'Toole 79113
    Jay Ayers 79,455
    Scott A Pareso 79682
    Mike Hedworth 79,899 Steps
    Billy Wilburn 80,114
    Bernie Sadowski 90,000


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    Funny Car points leader Jack Beckman and Top Fuel world championship challenger Antron Brown posted the quickest runs in their categories Thursday to close testing for the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis.

    NHRA teams utilized the two-day open test to prepare for the world's most prestigious drag race, which will be held Sept. 2-7 at the famed NHRA-owned multi-purpose motorsports facility that sits just west of downtown Indianapolis. The tradition-rich event, which will also feature the lucrative Traxxas Nitro Shootout for Top Fuel and Funny Car, is the final race in the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series regular season and will be televised by ESPN and ESPN2 with expanded coverage during Labor Day weekend.

    Tickets for the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals are available by calling (800) 884-NHRA (6472) or logging on to www.NHRA.com/tickets.

    Beckman, who recently set the Funny Car national record at 3.901 seconds in Brainerd, Minn. after posting a string of jaw-dropping 3.90-second runs during the Western Swing, dialed it in once again with a performance of 3.918 seconds at 325.22 mph in his Infinite Hero Foundation Dodge Charger to show his rivals he’s going to be tough to handle next weekend.

    Beckman said he and his team, led by crew chief Jimmy Prock, used the test session to make sure their spare parts are up for the challenge that is the Big Go.

    “Well, I think a lot of people that came here, came here for a practice session,” Beckman said. “That means lap the stuff that you think you’re going to run, massage your tune-up, and that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. We do that sometimes, but we’ve treated this like a true test session. First, we think the conditions are going to be a lot hotter for the actual race than they are right now and secondly, we want to cycle back through all of our back-up parts – our second supercharger, our third supercharger, our back-up injector. Early this year, in the semis, we popped our injector in half in the shutdown area and you want to know that when you bolt your spare on it’s going to behave in a predictable fashion. We’ve tried some different clutch disks because we’re going to start running out of certain ones pretty soon here and we just made a run with the new Goodyear tire that will eventually be our replacement tire. So, we’ve treated it exactly as a test session and I’m very pleased with the results.”

    Beckman, who won the 2012 world championship and is one of the hottest drivers in the category currently with five victories in six final round appearances, is looking to earn his first U.S. Nationals victory. As a longtime student of the sport of drag racing, he says he’s heard from many drivers that Indy is just another drag race, but he says when you closely examine it, you quickly realize why this particular race stands out from the crowd.

    “Well it’s interesting because when you come and there isn’t the U.S. Nationals, it literally is just another dragstrip,” Beckman said. “There is paved pit parking, there’s grass, there’s an acceleration strip and a shutdown strip. There’s newer (tracks), there’s bigger ones out there, but when the cars start loading in for the U.S. Nationals you begin to realize it’s special. Then as a driver, it’s a marathon. It’s an extra day above every other race out there. Not that we need any extra incentive at Indy, but they also threw the Traxxas Shootout in here, so you have a race within a race, and now, for the first time in three decades I think, we’re back to points-and-a-half for elimination rounds. You could’ve put that trophy up there and I’d still want it as bad, but there’s a lot of different reasons that make this race so special.”

    Defending world champ Matt Hagan also had one of the quickest cars in testing, powering his all-black Charger to a Thursday-best of 3.947 at 319.45.  He said he and crew chief Dickie Venables are trying to focus on finding a tune-up for the anticipated warmer conditions that next weekend may bring.

    “Obviously, we’re all pushing hard on these cool racetracks and good conditions,” Hagan said. “Looks like most of everybody has learned how to run hard in the mid- to low-90’s. Really, what we’re trying to do is run like that when the sun’s out and you have a 110- or 115-degree racetrack. It’s tough to run those kind of numbers. That’s where it’s going to separate everybody, being able to do that in the heat. We’re really trying hard to get some of that accomplished and done today. All in all, I can’t complain. The car, ever since Brainerd, has been running really strong. Dickie (Venables) seems to have a really good handle on it right now.”

    Hagan, who trails Beckman by 50 points entering Indy, would like to take advantage of Indy’s point-and-a-half system and swing back around him and try to grab the top seed in the ultra-competitive class for the Countdown playoffs.

    “Without a doubt, Funny Car is the most competitive class out there right now,” Hagan said. “Period. Hands down. I don’t think anybody can argue with that. It goes to show you how smart these crew chiefs are and how competitive everybody is. Jimmy (Prock) stepped up and started running well, then four or five other teams did as well and started pushing early and were like, ‘Well hell, if he can do it, why can’t we?’ Then it just becomes more and more competitive. Everybody now has got a handle on their combinations this far along in the year and they’re just trying to fine tune it and make sure that they’re getting all they can out of it out there on the racetrack.”

    Other Funny Car teams who posted strong runs on Thursday were Ron Capps, who clocked in at 3.939 at 316.23 in his NAPA Auto Parts Dodge, Del Worsham, who posted a 3.971 at 317.19 in his DHL Toyota and four-time Indy winner John Force, who drove his Peak Antifreeze Chevy Camaro to a 3.979 at 323.58.

    Courtney Force, who is trying to work her way into the top 10 with a strong showing at Indy, posted a 3.981 at 323.19 in her Traxxas Camaro. Her main rival, 10th place Alexis DeJoria, who is the defending Funny Car winner of the U.S. Nationals, posted a 4.094 at 283.55 in her Patron X O Cafe Incendio Toyota Camry.

    Antron Brown led the Top Fuel contingent with an impressive 3.707 at 325.22 in his Matco Tools dragster, while Brainerd runner-up Brittany Force posted a 3.720 at 310.27 in her Monster Energy dragster. Spencer Massey pushed his Red Fuel dragster to a best of 3.744 at 323.50 and former Indy winner Shawn Langdon clocked a 3.770 at 313.80 in his Knuckle Sandwich / Toyota dragster.


    Below is a listing of each Top Fuel and Funny Car competitor’s best performance from Thursday’s testing:

    Top Fuel

    Antron Brown 3.707 – 325.22
    Brittany Force 3.720 – 310.27
    Spencer Massey 3.744 – 323.50
    Shawn Langdon 3.770 – 313.80
    Richie Crampton 3.781 – 316.23
    Tony Schumacher 3.784 – 308.00
    Morgan Lucas 3.789 – 322.58
    Doug Kalitta 3.795 – 323.89
    Billy Torrence 3.814 – 312.42
    Leah Pritchett 3.838 – 320.28
    Wayne Newby 4.160 – 213.47
    Funny Car
    Jack Beckman 3.918 – 325.22
    Ron Capps 3.939 – 316.23
    Matt Hagan 3.947 – 319.45
    Del Worsham 3.971 – 317.19
    John Force 3.979 – 323.58
    Courtney Force 3.981 – 323.19
    Robert Hight 4.054 – 300.86
    Cruz Pedregon 4.073 – 267.27
    Tommy Johnson Jr. 4.075 – 311.99
    Alexis DeJoria 4.094 – 283.55



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    Racing is the only life Krista Baldwin has ever known.

    Her grandfather is the “Golden Greek” Chris Karamesines, the ageless driver who was named No. 30 on NHRA’s 50 Greatest Drivers list as part of NHRA’s 50th Anniversary celebration in 2001.

    Bobby Baldwin, Krista’s late father, also competed in Top Fuel before passing away in 2001 from a brain aneurysm at the age of 47.

    Krista, 22, took the next step in her drag racing career by getting her A-Fuel license Wednesday during the Indy test at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis. Krista was driving the dragster owned by Anthony Dicero.

    “The licensing called for one moderate and two full pulls,” said Krista, who is from Upland, Calif. “I did one 60-foot and then two full pulls and I made it within three runs. This is so surreal because I’ve been dreaming about this day for years. To actually be in the staging lanes and getting strapped in and having all of the other drivers help me out and give some advice was surreal. I’ve always watched all my heroes out on the track and now my heroes are watching me out on the track.”

    Dicero said during her two full laps she clocked 5.48 seconds at 252 mph and a 5.52 at 262 mph.

    “All of drag racing is a huge family so I’ve grown up with all these people – crew chiefs and crew members and all different people, so being the granddaughter of such a prestigious character within the drag racing community is an honor,” Baldwin said. “I’m so used to standing on the starting line watching him (Karamesines) go down the track, but (Wednesday) the roles changed and he watched me go down the track, and that was just a phenomenal feeling. He actually signed my license.”

    Baldwin is hopeful the licensing is a stepping stone to driving a Top Fuel dragster one day like her grandfather.

    “I would love to jump into Top Fuel,” Baldwin said. “That’s my ultimate dream. That’s the dream I’ve had since I was a little girl. So, I decided to come out for my alcohol license. Anthony and I met earlier this year in Charlotte and we really hit it off and he said why don’t you come drive my car and I said sure. We might go out and do one more test session later in the year and we will see what happens next year. It really depends on sponsorship.”

    Baldwin acknowledged she not only wants to compete in Top Fuel because of her grandfather, but also so she can continue to carry the banner for her late father who started racing in Top Fuel in the late 1980s.

    “Driving is so important to me because I feel like I’m living his dream,” Krista said about her father. “I want to continue the Baldwin legacy and I know he’s sitting up there looking down on me and it is an awesome feeling living out both of our dreams.”

    Presently Krista is driving a Nostalgia Eliminator 1 front-engine dragster that has a 7.60-second index. The dragster is owned by Rick MacDonald.

    “We go to select events with the dragster, and I will be running the California Hot Rod Reunion (Oct. 23-25 in Bakersfield),” Baldwin said. “I ran in the California Hot Rod Reunion last year and I posted my best ET up to that point in that car at 7.89 seconds.”

    When Baldwin isn’t driving she attends Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Baldiwn, a senior, is majoring in public relations and is scheduled to graduate in December. She also is the director of social media for CompetitionPlus.com.

    “As of right now my driving duties are definitely a hobby and I love doing it,” Baldwin said. “I also love doing the PR side of drag racing as well. I love promoting the sport because I’ve been around it my whole life.”




    The act of cutting and pasting articles from this publication to a message board is a clear copyright violation as is pulling photos to post on social media sites. All articles and photography published in CompetitionPlus.com are protected by United States of America and International copyright laws unless mentioned otherwise. The content on this website is intended for the private use of the reader and may not be published or reposted in any form without the prior written consent of CompetitionPlus.com.


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    Kalitta Motorsports, in partnership with DEWALT and Mac Tools, are pleased to announce the extension of the DEWALT Made in the USA with global materials initiative to the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series. Championship contender Doug Kalitta will run the DEWALT scheme during the biggest event on the NHRA schedule, the U.S. Nationals at Indianapolis Raceway Park. 

    “I am honored to fly the colors of DEWALT during NHRA’s biggest weekend,” said Kalitta. “Both DEWALT and Mac Tools do a lot to employ American workers, and it is awesome to be able to highlight this program, especially on Labor Day weekend.”
    On Wednesday, September 2nd, the Mac Tools Top Fuel dragster will transform into the DEWALT Made in the USA with Global Materials Top Fuel dragster on the Greenfield, Ind., shop floor starting at 3 pm EST as it’s wrapped with its vinyl design right in the heart of the facility.

    The celebration will continue Friday, September 4th, at 4 pm EST, as DEWALT will spotlight its partnership with Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP). With guests of the organization looking on, DEWALT executives will unveil a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle that will be auctioned off later this year at the Barrett-Jackson auction. Proceeds of the auction will be donated to support WWP. Media is again welcome and encouraged to attend the unveiling trackside at Indianapolis Raceway Park within the Mac Tools/Kalitta Hospitality.

    Kalitta, who currently holds a top five position in the point standings, will take the DEWALT dragster to the track for the first time on Friday, September 4th, at 7pm EST for the first of five qualifying sessions. Kalitta and his team will also be a part of the Traxxas Shootout which runs on Saturday, September 5th. Final eliminations for the U.S. Nationals begin on Monday, September 7th, at 11:00 am EST.


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    Defending Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals Top Fuel winner Richie Crampton and defending Funny Car world champion Matt Hagan made the quickest runs in their respective categories Wednesday at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis during the opening day of testing for the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals.

    NHRA teams utilized the first day of the two-day open test to prepare for the world's most prestigious drag race, which will be held Sept. 2-7 at the famed NHRA-owned multi-purpose motorsports facility that sits just west of downtown Indianapolis. The event, which will also feature the lucrative Traxxas Nitro Shootout for Top Fuel and Funny Car, is the final race in the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series regular season and will be televised by ESPN and ESPN2 with expanded coverage during Labor Day weekend.

    Tickets for the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals are available by calling (800) 884-NHRA (6472) or logging on to www.NHRA.com/tickets.

    Crampton, who has won four races this season including the recent Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals in Brainerd, powered his Lucas Oil dragster to a performance of 3.725 seconds at 321.04 mph. The time is quicker than the current track record of 3.740 seconds held by Shawn Langdon.

    Crampton, who enters the race third in points, says his team is sticking with their Indy tradition of introducing a brand new racecar at the Big Go.

    “Just like last year we brought out a brand new racecar during this test session,” Crampton said. “We’ve got some new pipe out here and we are just refining what we have and making sure we have a good consistent car for the big race. I am still involved in building these racecars so I take a lot of pride in them. For me it’s really exciting to get in a new racecar finally after building it for a few months. It seems like a fresh racecar works better and we just proved that today by running a (3.72) and (3.75) here this afternoon.”

    Antron Brown posted the day’s second-quickest time in Top Fuel, covering the distance in 3.733 seconds at 322.96 mph in his Matco Tools dragster. Last weekend at Brainerd Brown lowered the NHRA Top Fuel E.T. record to 3.680 seconds. That run also was a milestone performance, the first ever in the 3.6-second zone in Top Fuel.

    Brown, who won Indy in Top Fuel in 2011, says his team is using the test to fine-tune for not only next weekend, but the six Countdown to the Championship playoff races as well.

    “We are working on some new stuff and things that can make us better for the Countdown,” Brown said. “Tomorrow we will go with the setup that we’ll run during the race week. It’s supposed to be a little bit warmer tomorrow so that will be more like the conditions we’ll face during the event.”

    Brown trails eight-time world champion Tony Schumacher by 53 points coming into the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals. However, with the return to the point-and-a-half system at Indy, Brown says that changes all the rules. He expects a lot of movement in the points standings, at the bottom and at the top.

    “The U.S. Nationals race besides having the all-star race with the big money, it’s the last race to gain points and position in the Countdown,” Brown said. “With the extra points being added to it, it’s a very crucial race for us against Tony [Schumacher] for first place. He’s got 50 points on us, but it’s really like he’s only got 30 points on us. If we can go two more rounds than him without losing qualifying points we can find ourselves in first place. Indy is really crucial for us. Plus, it’s the U.S. Nationals, the race speaks for itself. When you have a race called the U.S. Nationals it’s like going to a Grand Slam or a Super Bowl and that’s how big it is in our sport and we definitely want to come out here and show out and do well.”

    Schumacher, who has won Indy a record nine times in 11 final round appearances, posted a best run of 3.760 at 320.74 in his U.S. Army dragster. Other quick runs during the day were posted by Billy Torrence, who clocked a 3.738 at 321.58 in his Capco Contractors dragster, Spencer Massey ran a 3.747 at 326.63 in the Red Fuel dragster, Brittany Force powered her Monster Energy dragster to a 3.754 at 308.71 and Leah Pritchett posted a 3.828 at 272.28 in her Gumout/Dote Racing dragster.

    In Funny Car there were many three-second runs during the day, topped by Hagan, who posted the quickest with a 3.934 at 324.67 in an all-black Dodge Charger. His time and speed were both better than the existing track records.

    Last weekend in Brainerd Hagan joined Brown in the NHRA milestone performance department by racing to the first 3.8-second time in a Funny Car. His effort of 3.879 seconds is officially listed as the quickest time in history, but he did not back it up with another run within 1 percent as required by NHRA rules to make it a national record. Although he is a two-time world champ, Hagan is still looking for his first Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals victory.

    Nearly every Funny Car racer participating in the test ran quicker than the current track record of 3.998 seconds set by Hagan last season. Some of the best runs of the day were made by 2005 Indy winner Del Worsham, who posted a 3.955 at 321.42 in his DHL Toyota, four-time U.S. Nationals winner John Force, who clocked a 3.957 at 323.04 in his Peak Antifreeze Chevy Camaro SS, and Chad Head, who sped to a 3.975 at 307.44 in his Head Racing Toyota.

    Jack Beckman, who took over the Funny Car points lead at Brainerd and reset the national record to 3.901 seconds in his Jimmy Prock-tuned Infinite Hero Foundation Dodge Charger, posted a testing-best of 3.979 at 316.30.

    Defending world champion and 2012 U.S. Nationals winner Andrew Hines had the quickest Pro Stock Motorcycle during the first day of testing, powering his Screamin’ Eagle Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson to a 6.914 at 188.31.

    Below is a listing of each Top Fuel, Funny Car and Pro Stock Motorcycle competitor’s best performance from Wednesday’s testing:

    Top Fuel
    Richie Crampton 3.725 – 321.04
    Antron Brown 3.733 – 322.96
    Billy Torrence 3.738 – 321.58
    Spencer Massey 3.747 – 326.63
    Brittany Force 3.754 – 308.71
    Tony Schumacher 3.760 – 320.74
    Leah Pritchett 3.828 – 272.28
    Funny Car
    Matt Hagan 3.934 – 324.67
    Del Worsham 3.955 – 321.42
    John Force 3.957 – 323.04
    Chad Head 3.975 – 307.44
    Jack Beckman 3.979 – 316.30
    Tommy Johnson Jr. 3.982 – 319.60
    Robert Hight 3.990 – 311.56
    Courtney Force 4.018 – 317.34
    Pro Stock Motorcycle
    Andrew Hines 6.914 – 188.31
    Hector Arana Jr. 6.925 – 191.41
    Chip Ellis 6.939 – 192.93


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    After 10 months away from driving an NHRA Pro Stock car, Aaron Stanfield will get behind the wheel at the U.S. Nationals (Sept. 4-7) in Indianapolis.

    Stanfield is going to be driving one of Allen Johnson’s cars, likely a Dodge Dart.

    “I can’t wait,” said Aaron, 20. “I’ve been chomping at the bit these past couple of months. Just the thought about getting to race at Indy is very exciting and I’m ready to see what we can do. I also would really like to thank my sponsors Mopar, CTECH, and Collier Racing for getting me out there on the race track.”

    Greg Stanfield, Aaron’s father, has worked as a consultant for Johnson, the 2012 NHRA Pro Stock world champion,  since the Topeka (Kan.) national event May 22-25, and he will serve as his son’s crew chief at Indy. Greg began competing in the Pro Stock class in 2002, winning three national events and finishing a career-best second in the point standings in 2010.

    Prior to the U.S. Nationals, Aaron said he will do some testing Aug. 31-Sept. 2 at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis.

    “We are going there just so I can knock the rust off,” said Aaron, who last drove a Pro Stock car Nov. 2, 2014 at the Toyota Nationals in Las Vegas. “I didn’t have much time to get ready last year and I have confidence that with this test session I will be able to get comfortable back behind the wheel.”

    Following the test session, Stanfield will fly back home to Shreveport, La., so he can go to school on Sept. 3 at Louisiana State University Shreveport, and then fly to Indianapolis. Aaron is double majoring in accounting and management.

    Aaron has kept active in the Pro Stock scene by working as the clutch person on Aaron Strong’s Camaro. Mike Stanfield, Greg’s brother, also is working on Strong’s crew. The Camaro Strong is running is one he bought from Greg Stanfield and it is the same car Aaron drove last season. Strong competed in Sonoma, Calif., and Seattle so far this season.

    “Working on that car was just a little something for me to do during the summer,” Aaron said. “Doing that made me realize how much I like driving. They were great people and I really enjoyed racing with them. I got to get some more experience doing the clutch on the car and it was just a good experience for me.”

    A year ago, the younger Stanfield turned some heads in his Pro Stock debut. He competed in four races at Indianapolis, Dallas, St. Louis and Las Vegas, qualifying for all four events.

    Aaron Stanfield’s biggest highlight came when he defied the odds at Indy. He qualified No. 8 and then upset five-time world champion Jeg Coughlin in the first round when Coughlin recorded a redlight.

    Stanfield’s memorable first race ended when he lost in the second round to two-time world champ Jason Line.

    “My main goal at Indy this year is to qualify and I would like to qualify in the top 10,” Aaron said. “I also would like to get some good exposure and get my name out there a little bit. My experience at Indy last year is going to help me, but obviously I still going to be nervous because this will only be my fifth (career Pro Stock) race. I just need to remember to calm my nerves and I’m pretty sure I will be able to do that.”


    The act of cutting and pasting articles from this publication to a message board is a clear copyright violation as is pulling photos to post on social media sites. All articles and photography published in CompetitionPlus.com are protected by United States of America and International copyright laws unless mentioned otherwise. The content on this website is intended for the private use of the reader and may not be published or reposted in any form without the prior written consent of CompetitionPlus.com.


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    The upcoming 61st annual Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals is a much-anticipated highlight on the 2015 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series tour. The event at venerable Lucas Oil Raceway is the most prestigious race on the tour, and Jackson Lombardo Racing is determined to make it a race to remember – but not just for driver John Lombardo Jr. and the NAPA Batteries/Lucas Oil Top Alcohol Funny Car Team. This time around, they are sharing the experience with a very special group of young burn survivors from Hoosier Burn Camp of Indiana.


     Hoosier Burn Camp is a nonprofit organization committed to providing life-changing experiences for young people who have suffered the physical and emotional trauma associated with a severe burn injury. Their annual summer camp and monthly events create experiences for burn survivors where they can be “just one of the kids” in a safe and supportive environment.


     On Saturday, September 5, 2015, Hoosier Burn Camp kids will kick off an action-packed day at the greatest NHRA drag race of all in the pit area of Lombardo Jr.  The kids will experience the 260+ mph NAPA Batteries/Lucas Oil Top Alcohol Funny Car up close as the team prepares for the day of competition.


    Lombardo Jr., along with JEGS Pro Mod competitor Troy Coughlin Jr., Jim Dunn Racing Funny Car driver John Hale, and Ray Skillman Auto Sales Pro Stock racer Drew Skillman will be among the drivers on hand to spend time with the children answering questions and signing autographs.  The Day at the Races for these young heroes doesn't end there – Nitro Fuel, the mascot of the Indy Fuel hockey team, will make a special appearance, and each child will receive a special gift bag put together through the generous contributions of NHRA, JEGS, Lucas Oil, Tony Stewart Racing, Comp Cams, Crower, Mahle, The Dent Specialist, and Seals Ambulance Service.


    With additional support from Coca Cola, Ray Skillman Automotive Group, Texas Roadhouse, Park Tudor, Clines Hillcrest Storage, Arvada Excavating, J&E Tire Center, Subway, NAPA Auto Parts, A Westside Storage, and White Oak Construction, Jackson Lombardo Racing will also make a cash donation to Hoosier Burn Camp to be used for future events to empower these brave survivors.


    "How do you make the U.S. Nationals – the largest and most prestigious NHRA drag race of the year – even more special? You share it with a group of kids that have overcome challenges most of us can't fathom," said Lombardo Jr., two-time Top Alcohol Funny Car division/region champion and 12-time combined event winner. "Saturday at the Big Go, we look forward to welcoming families from the Hoosier Burn Camp of Indiana and sharing our passion for drag racing with them. It means a lot to us that we will have the opportunity to spend the day with some great families, and we hope they enjoy it. We're thankful that they have chosen to join us and can't wait for this day."


    For more information on Hoosier Burn Camp, please visit: hoosierburncamp.org. For more information about this event, contact Jackson Lombardo Racing representative LuAnn Bishop via email: luann@lombardoracing.com.




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    The fourth in the FIA and FIM European Drag Racing Championship Series at Germany’s famous Hockenheimring became the hottest race in town – literally as Germany recorded its highest temperatures on record - a roasting 44 degrees Celsius for the 30th year drag racing anniversary. The track this year, after weeks of preparation led by England’s Santa Pod Raceway’s crack team was good after two years of suffering Formula One insisting all rubber was removed for their event prior to the drag race. Worries of this year’s track conditions made the Pro Stock class withdraw and not bother to show up but the track, despite the exhausting heat provided the necessary traction and provided some great racing for the many of partisan race fans. Only three qualifiers were run in the Pro classes as a massive Sportsman oil down put paid to a Friday’s second session and then Sunday’s two first elimination rounds in Top Fuel put the event a little over the local curfew at the day’s end.

    FIA Top Fuel had Sweden’s Micke Kågered notch up his second event win of the year and his 4.227/267 ended up as top qualifier. The Bahco Tools/Midland Oil/ Bilsport backed car ran a bye in round one then beat Malta’s Duncan Micallef with a 4.182/271 to a losing 4.549/274. The final ended with Micke Kågered catching and passing Urs Erbacher’s slightly better leave winning with figures of 4.178/283 to Erbacher’s losing 4.508/194.

    FIA Top Fuel saw Switzerland’s Urs Erbacher runner-up in only his second race of the year. The Victory Motorcycles/Midland Oil fueller was on the bottom of the pile with a 4.656/219 in qualifying but managed to dismiss Denmark’s Stig Neergaard who suffered an oil line breaking crossed up pass in round one, then England’s Liam Jones in a close second round battle, 4.391/254.

    FIA Top Fuel recipient of the OMG award went to Finland’s Anita Mäkelä who unfortunately suffered her second round one loss in a row when a rod let go enveloping the rear of the car in a start line fireball.

    FIA Top Methanol Dragster runner-up was older brother of Dennis, Timo Habermann who qualified top with a 5.383/264 before facing his sibling. The Swagelok/Hoefler Fenster/Fuchs/ Autokrandienst Habermann backed car ran a 5.440/260 to come second.

    FIA Top Methanol Funny Car winner was Sweden’s Leif Andréasson in his DISAB Vacuum Technology backed Dodge Stratus who ran a 5.921242 to take pole position then face Germany’s Jürgen Nagel in the final, a 5.892/243 to the win.

    FIA Top Methanol Funny Car saw Germany’s Jürgen Nagel take the runner-up place as he shook badly slowing to a 7.681/152.

    FIA Pro Mod had fourteen machines that were led by Sweden’s Mats Eriksson on a 6.152/235 closely followed by fellow countryman Micke Gullqvist and it was Gullqvist’s Stavdal/Pampas Marina sponsored Camaro that managed to bludgeon his way to the final. The blue Camaro had a round one bye then defeated Frenchman, Jean Dulamon then Switzerland’s Bruno Bader before coming up against Mats Eriksson. A better light by Eriksson was chased down and beaten with a 6.033/239 to take the event win.

    FIA Pro Mod runner up went to The Main Event, England winner, Sweden’s Mats Eriksson in his still battle very scarred Migatronic/Valvoline backed Crown Victoria, he took out Germany’s Norbert Schneider in round one, a bye in two before seeing off the awesome turbo power of Finland’s Tero Laukkanen in the semi. A better reaction time in the final failed to get the win light as Gullqvist went past leaving Eriksson with a losing 6.139/231.

    FIM Top Fuel Bike was once again led by England’s Ian King on the Gulf/Grand Prix Originals Puma on a 6.143/201 clocking. King went on to dismiss Czech Otto Knebl after a round one bye then face Sweden’s premier Funny Bike rider Rikard Gustafsson. A better leave by Gustafsson was soon chased down by the fuel bike and a 6.372/203 rang up another deserved win for King.

    FIM Top Fuel Bike saw Sweden’s Rikard Gustafsson take runner up place after beating Frenchman Antoine Coupiac in round one then Greek rider Filippos Papafilippou in two 7.821/119 to a great winning 6.572/208 before being beaten by King in the final, 6.372/203 to a losing 6.700/188.

    FIM Super Twin Bike was an all Netherland’s Martijn de Hass weekend, he led qualifying with a 6.841/199 then a solo round one as Czech rider Roman Sixta lost fire on the line, an easy bye took de Haas to the final where he came up against fellow countryman, Job Heezen, a 6.756/203 won, making it a successful weekend for Martijn de Haas.

    FIM Super Twin Bike runner up title went to Netherland’s Job Heezen on his Drag Specialties HD machine. Heezen took out Czech rider Petr Ceska in round one then Norway’s Ronny Aasen in two. The final saw de Haas win as Job Heezen suffered a bang and a parts loss at half track.

    FIM Pro Stock Bike saw an almost full field of sixteen – just one less and leading the field was Netherland’s rider Gert-Jan Laseur on an ’08 Buell with a 7.152/183. Laseur went on to take a round one bye then dismiss Frenchman Bertrand Maurice, Germany’s Karl-Heinz Weikum before coming up against Finland’s Fredrik Fredlund in the trophy run. A slower leave by Laseur coupled with a 7.148/183 managed to clinch the win as Fredland came second with a 7.193/298 on his Suzuki.

    FIM Super Street Bike is fast becoming a Richard Stubbins affair after a win at England’s The Main Event and a top qualifier before the rain in Sweden and now notching up the NitrOlypmX win. He started third in the qualifying on a 7.311/194 behind fellow Brits Pete Field 7.289/198 and top of the pile, Garry Bowe on a 7.210/197 pass. Stubbins made his way to the final by way of wins over Germany’s Knut Möller in one and Thomas Granica in two before winning on a holeshot against Pete Field in the semi, 7.216/192 to a losing 7.186/201. Garry Bowe would be the runner-up, he beat Austria’s Peter Adorjan, England’s Mark Wells, Sweden’s Leif Larsson before running a losing 7.409/188 as Richard Stubbins took the light with a 7.164/200.


    Competition Eliminator win - Robin Sattler.
    Super Comp win – André Müller.
    Super Gas win – Jon Giles.
    Super Pro ET win – Eric Angeloni.
    Pro ET win – Philip Daud.
    Junior Dragster win – Lucas Dubourget.
    Funny Bike win – Stefan Hagenstein.
    Super Twin Top Gas win – Frederic Schack.



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